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Are you concerned about setting effective boundaries with your partner?  Are you afraid that he may reject you or ignore your wishes?  Listen to Rosalind Sedacca explain how to stay empowered, be assertive and get the message across that you deserve respect and equality in all your relationships.


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Women often face situations when the man is initially interested and pursues them actively and just when things seem to be getting serious, they pull away. This leaves women frustrated and worried as they begin to wonder if they did or said anything that made him pull away. In order to find out more, they try to reach out to him often by texting, calling and messaging him multiple times and it often tends to make the situation worse. Listen to Amy Sherman explain why men pull away and also some practical tips and strategies on what women can do to overcome this problem in their romantic relationships.


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Some women have limiting self beliefs, like I am too old to find love or men will never find me attractive or I will always be single. Listen to Rosalind Sedacca discuss practical and insightful tips on how women can reframe their negative beliefs so that they can be successful in their love lives.


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One of the most common questions women ask is how and where can I find men to date. Women, especially those coming out of a divorce or a breakup after years of committed relationship, find it extremely challenging to find men to date. Age also seems to be a factor as women especially in their 40s, 50s and 60s seem to find that men of their age seem to be more interested in younger women that are physically attractive.

Listen to Rosalind Sedacca talk about this important concern.



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