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You have to think of dating as a numbers game.  The more men you meet and go out with, the closer you will get to the guy that is truly someone special.  If you think of it that way, you will not get disillusioned or frustrated that “all the good men are taken.”

It also gives you the hope and incentive to keep dating because the next guy you meet could be “the one.” So, after 10 dates with 10 different guys, you start feeling that it’s never going to happen for you, just know that the 11th guy may be just the guy you were looking for.

Here are some tips to help you stay hopeful while dating:

  1. Realize that any guy you meet can be a potential life partner. So, be open-minded, flexible and don’t pass judgment until you know him a little better.
  1. Step out of your comfort zone and pick guys who you ordinarily wouldn’t date, maybe someone heavier, shorter, less educated or even of a different faith, because you never know, he may possess other qualities which override these differences.
  1. Approach dating with a fun attitude. Be happy, pleasant, enjoy yourself and if nothing else, you had a nice evening out.
  1. First impressions are not always right. Some guys are nervous and will act like jerks on a first date. Give your date a few tries before deciding he’s not right for you, because he just may have first-date jitters – and actually be a nice guy.
  1. You have nothing to lose but your time when you date. So if you meet a new guy for a drink, think of it as two hours out of your day with someone you may or may not be interested in. If you were interested in him, then it was time well spent.  If you weren’t, then you lost some precious time, but you won’t know this unless you try.

Here’s the bottom line…dating is your only way of finding Mr. Right.  So, go out with a good attitude and consider each date as a potential candidate for a long-term relationship.  After all, maybe #20 is going to be “The One for You.”

Amy Sherman is a Dating & Relationship Coach and co-author of “99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Dating After 40, 50 and Yes, 60!”  Contact for Free Coaching Call amybethsherman@gmail.com

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Here are some significant suggestions to avoid immature dating habits​ destined to fail​.

1. Using flirting techniques: Dating is about getting to know an authentic person as a potential partner. Flirting may temporarily attract someone’s interest but if that’s not part of your personality, you’ve wasted your time and your date’s time. Be yourself!

2. Dating rules and games: Waiting a number of days before calling or asking for another date, turning down dates to appear more popular, having sex on the third date or following other absurd rules smacks of immaturity and insecurity. Life doesn’t have a rule boo​k, neither should successful dating.

3. Expecting your partner to change your life, help you, “fix” you, be the hero in your life. No one can do that for you but you. Looking for a knight in white armor is an unrealistic expectation doomed to failure and disappointment.

​Rosalind Sedacca is a Dating & Relationship Mentor, co-author of 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Dating After 40, 50 & Yes, 60! and co-creator of the DatingRescue eCourse for women and Mastering the Challenges of Dating: A Success Formula for Men. ​Learn more at: ​www.womendatingafter40.com​, http://www.womendatingrescue.com​ ​and ​​www.mensdatingformula.com

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