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Take a look at this scenario: You’re a 45 year old divorced, single mom with two teenage children. Recently, you met a 48 year old divorced man. You enjoy being with him and will often cancel appointments with friends if he should call at the last minute for a date. You think your girlfriends will understand, since they know you are developing a new relationship. Sometimes, you feel caught between loyalty to your old friends and responsibility to this new beau. You also feel guilty that you are not being the best mother to your children. You are under a lot of stress because you are trying to please everyone. You’re having trouble dealing with this and the strain is affecting you physically.

The bottom line is remembering to stay empowered and true to yourself throughout all of your relationships. You never want to please your partner if it means forgetting who you are. You never want to diminish your self esteem, if it will make your partner happy. In other words, that feeling of helplessness does not allow you to gain back your personal power. Therefore, identify what is really important to you and keep those ideas in the forefront. Never compromise who you are and you’ll find your relationships will blossom and nurture your authentic self.

Amy Sherman is a Dating & Relationship Coach and co-founder of http://www.WomenDatingAfter40.com.  She can be reached at amybethsherman@gmail.com

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