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People are attracted to confident, self-assured individuals. If you
approach dating from a place of insecurity and fear, it will project
to everyone you meet. A healthy woman is not looking for a father-figure
or someone to rescue her. She wants a mate, a confidant, a partner, and
friend in life. To attract that kind of man you have to come across as a
desirable, self-confidant woman, and that involves doing the inner work.

If your insecurities are substantial, get private counseling before
starting on the road to dating. If what you need is a spirit boost,
look yourself in the mirror and acknowledge all your desirable qualities,
then make a list of your many attributes, talents, and positive personality
traits. Start believing in yourself and knowing that there is someone out
there who will appreciate who you are.

Become aware of your self-talk. Catch yourself putting yourself down,
calling yourself fat, boring, stupid, or any other term you may have
previously used to make yourself feel less valuable to the world.
Start consciously calling yourself “a babe” or “a great catch,” and
begin visualizing yourself laughing and walking hand-in-hand with
someone special. Keep mentally affirming, “I deserve a great man, and
I’m attracting him into my life,” or some other phrase that resonates
with you. Start anticipating success and feeling like the woman you
want to be. Know you deserve to share your life and attributes with
some other very lucky person — because you found each other!

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